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Life Coach Academy

Life Coach Academy is the (Pk-12) Life Skills Coaching program that support the curriculum and management of My Life Coach Academy the Time Management and Success Planning Strategies Programs for college and or career readiness for youth.

Rings vs. Rent Scholarship Foundation

Rings vs. Rent Scholarship Foundation is the College Degree completion program that is afforded to students that have exhausted their collegiate athletic eligibility and have not completed a degree in a field of study. This program is geared toward redirecting students to complete a degree in education, psychology, or physical education.

The Annual UBU100

Golf Tournament

The UBU 100 Annual Golf Tournament is an Annual Charitable Event and Golf Tournament that raises funds for low-income families and students that reside in at-risk communities in the commonwealth of Virginia. The goal of the program is too pro-actively reinforce and better prepare students for college and career readiness through the Life Coach Academy Pk-12 Program and UBU 100 Community Engagement Model Support Initiatives.

This tournament is broken out into three separate events with a fun filled day itinerary of excitement, fun, mentoring, networking, food, games, golf-lessons and plain ole laughing and having fun.

The UBU100 Men’s Golf Tournament, Women’s Golf Camp and Clinic and adding this year the Men’s Beginning Golfers Camp and Clinic and the 18 th Hole Day Party for viewing and supporters of the Golf Tournament.

We welcome positive community leaders and professionals from all industries who are open to improve their golf game and network with others, while being part of a “positive community engagement” first atmosphere. We aim to build relationships through the growing game of golf by including families, friends, student-volunteers, mentors and mentees, golfers, women, children, leaders in various areas of service and the entire community.

This is the one day of the year when we all come together to celebrate the success of our efforts to pro-actively support low-income communities and families through various education initiatives and community engagement scheduled activities throughout the calendar year…. We are UBU 100 Every Day of the Year!

All Proceeds from The Annual UBU100 Golf Tournament benefit My Life Coach Academy and the UBU 100 Educational Support and Community Engagement Initiatives.

Are you interested in volunteering at the next tournament?