Women’s Golf Camp & Clinic

Our Mission

The Women’s Clinic opens new doors to a new and healthier way of life for Women through exposure to the game of Golf and positive relationship building practices between Youth, Leading Community Women and Positive Male Role Models while supporting the mission of preparing youth for college and or career readiness. Our Women are empowered, and we support them in any way possible at the level of 100 every day and every way! UBU!

How It Works!

The goal of the Women’s Clinic is to grow it to exceed 100 new women participants in Golf! We now have our first first-year women’s class of 2022…Congratulations for stepping out and trying something new and different that was amazing you all did Awesome! 

Now this is how we grow it!

Each class of women will have an opportunity to invite someone else in the following year…this year we had 24! Next year there will be 48 women participating as a first-year class of 2023. Then, following year 2023 there will be another first-year class of 2024. 

Now here is where the fun begins and the growth… To sell out a golf course it only takes 144 golfers which is (36 Teams of 4-golfers each Team). It is our goal to have 144 new Women participants playing golf in less than 4-Years. Each class will continue to bring in a new women golfer the following year and watch this Tournament Grow!!!!

Each Freshman Class of 24 will receive their own personal golf clubs, a hat and a golf towel, a professional PGA Lesson and Tournament play experience on the Golf Course.

Freshman Class

Year 1
  • PGA Lesson #1
  • Instructed Tournament 3-Holes
  • Long Drive Contest
  • Putting Contest
  • Year one Certificate Completion

Sophomore Class

Year 2
  • PGA Lesson #2 Review and UBU!
  • Instructed Tournament Play 6-Holes
  • Long Drive Contest
  • Putting Contest

Junior Class

Year 3
  • PGA Lesson #3
  • Tournament Play 9-Holes
  • Long Drive Contest
  • Putting Contest

Senior Class

Year 4
  • PGA Lesson #4
  • Tournament Play 12-Holes or 18!
  • UBU 100 Golf Graduation Ceremony and Awards Presentation
  • UBU 100 Women’s Team Graduation Class Framed Photo

Tournament Itinerary

Day 1: Thursday, June 6, 2024

TIME Event
  • Coaches and Participants Social at Kingsmill Golf Course

Day 2: Friday, June 7, 2024

TIME Event
11:00a.m. Staff and Volunteers Report to Registration Table
  • Early Range Practice for Golf Participants
12:00p.m. Registration Opens for Participants
1:00p.m. “One Thousand Dollar Putting Contest” Sponsored by GRG Security… Put for the Dough!
  • Shot Gun Tournament Start River Course
  • Women’s Camp and Clinic Begins with Kingsmill PGA Staff
  • Men’s Camp and Golf Lesson Clinic Begins – New 2024!
4:30p.m. Women’s Team Photo and Interviews at the 18th Hole
5:00p.m. Tournament Golf Awards Luncheon and Richmond City Community Engagement Recognition and Presentations
8:00p.m. UBU 100 Like it’s 1999 Dance Party
2:00p.m. UBU100 Somewhere Else..

Saturday, June 8th

Garden Party and Cookout (Family, Friends, Food, Fun)

*Invitation and Credentials only event! 4:00 p.m. – 12:00 a.m. 7372 Patriots Landing Place, Quinton, VA 23141